Miss Loke

Mid Days 10am - 3pm & Weekends 3pm - 6pm

My name is Shawna Lokelani Wahine’aukai de la Nux a.k.a. “Miss Loke” and I was born and raised on Maui.  I grew up in Kihei with my ‘ohana (who is made up of musicians and hula dancers.)  I feel that it was only a matter of time before I got into the “music industry.”

Even though I started dancing hula at age 3, it wasn’t until I was attending Lahainaluna as a boarder that I started feeling passionate about dancing.  Shortly after graduating, I had a range of jobs including office assistant to a local landscape architect and working for the Department of Education as a classroom assistant and an after-school program leader.

In 1999, a brand new show came to Maui.  Our Boarding Dept. was invited to attend an evening at the Maui Theater.  It was my first taste of what would become my “dream job.”  The cast and crew of ‘Ulalena have touched many people from locals to tourists and being able to convey the history of these islands intertwined with the myths & legends of ancient Hawai’i has been a most rewarding experience for me.  I am lucky to have been with the company for over 5 years.

Now, a new door has opened for me in broadcasting and communication.  I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life.  When I am not on stage or on-the-air, you can usually find me in the ocean surfing or stand-up paddling.  “Keeping it real” is a MUST for me.  Who I am on the radio is who I am in person. 

Find laughter in everyday life!
Mahalo for listening!